Urban environments possess a tremendous capacity to lead the way toward sustainable living, integrating and enhancing economic, environmental, political, and cultural dimensions.

Cities Programme North champions an innovative framework to foster resilient urban communities and promote sustainable development in cities and regions. This framework is a cross-sectoral model for addressing urban challenges called the ‘Circles of Sustainability’ method for assessing and managing sustainability in four key areas: economy, environment, governance, and culture.

The Circles of Sustainability Method

At its core, the ‘Circles of Sustainability’ method advocates for a comprehensive view of social life, considering the interconnectedness of economic, ecological, political, and cultural domains. This approach not only aids in identifying the key issues facing urban environments but also provides a cohesive strategy for addressing these challenges. Additional details and resources can be accessed at the ‘Circles of Sustainability’ page.

This strategic approach underscores Cities Programme North’s commitment to advancing urban sustainability and resilience through innovative collaboration and holistic planning