The Global Compact Cities Programme is dedicated to the promotion and adoption of the Global Compact’s ten principles by cities, and provides a framework for translating the principles into day-to-day urban governance and management.

The Cities Programme focuses on collaboration between all levels of government, business and civil society in order to enhance sustainability, resilience, diversity and adaptation within cities and in the face of complex urban challenges.


The Mayors from Consorcio Intermunicipal Quiriri making the commitment to the UN Global Compact:( from right ) Sr Rubens Blaskowski - Prefeito do Município de Campo Alegre, Sr FernandoTureck - Prefeito do Município de São Bento do Sul, Sr Alcides Grohskoph - Prefeito do Município de Rio Negrinho e Sr Luiz Carlos Tamanini - Prefeito do Muncípio de Corupá.
Four Santa Catarina cities collectively commit to the Global Compact 2014-07-17

…and Movimento Quiriri Sustentável is born The Cities Programme is very pleased to welcome four new city participants from the [...]

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