About Us

We are Cities Programme North, a social advocacy organization committed to advancing sustainable urban development through advancing holistic public policy and community support. Our foundation is deeply rooted in the Circles of Sustainability approach, as conceptualized by Paul James and his colleagues and employed by the Global Compact Cities Programme, which provides a comprehensive framework for assessing and achieving urban sustainability across multiple dimensions.

Our Vision

We envision cities as bastions of sustainability, where vibrant communities flourish in harmony with their environment. Drawing inspiration from the Circles of Sustainability framework, our vision is to catalyze the transformation of urban spaces into models of ecological balance, social equity, economic vitality, and cultural vibrancy.

We aim to achieve this vision through the holistic approach outlined in the Circles of Sustainability and through the application of the Urban Profile Process in cooperation with local policymakers, business and economic leaders, and our communities. Through this we aim to integrate this multidimensional framework into the fabric of urban planning and governance, ensuring that cities are developed with a keen eye on environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, political participation, and cultural inclusiveness.

Our Approach

We aim to create a sustainable model of development in our urban centers through the collaboration of all relevant stakeholders in a holistic approach to decisions made ultimately in public policy. In order to do this we see our city administrators using a mixed qualitative and quantitative evaluation of all sectors of modern societies.

  • Advocacy: We push for the integration of the Circles of Sustainability in urban policy-making, aiming to create a global dialogue that prioritizes sustainable practices and inclusive governance.
  • Community Empowerment: Recognizing the critical role of community involvement, we facilitate engagement processes that empower citizens to actively contribute to the sustainable development of their cities
  • Partnerships: We forge strategic partnerships across sectors to amplify our impact, bringing together NGOs, government bodies, private sector entities, and international organizations in a united effort to promote sustainable urban development.

Through the Urban Profile Process Tool, administrator can reference an assessment of the sustainability of an urban area and its hinterland and use the expertise to inform future process development.

Similarly, urban administrators can take advantage of the Social Sustainability Questionnaire to get a snapshot of the perspective of the inhabitants of an urban area.

Join Us

Cities Programme North invites you to be part of our mission to create sustainable and inclusive urban futures. Whether you are an individual, a community leader, or represent an organization, your contribution can make a difference. Together, we can transform our cities into sustainable ecosystems that nurture the well-being of all their inhabitants.

Contact Us

To learn more or to get involved, please reach out to us at info@citiesprogramme.com

Follow our journey on social media and join us in paving the way for cities that embody sustainability in every aspect of their development.