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This section of the website provides access to resources and tools to benefit practitioners, planners Some tools are the end product or component of research projects, others are from Cities’ innovating projects. There are also tools to that support the application of Global Compact Cities Programme approach to sustainability.


Consultation Global Compact City Scan – A support to CoE

Global Compact City Scan Cities are playing an increasingly important role in tackling critical, contemporary global challenges, many of which [...]

Sao_Bento_Do_Sul-1 Guide to Communicating on Engagement

Communicating on Engagement On October 31, 2013, the Global Compact introduced Communication on Engagement (COE) for non-business participants, such as [...]

Cities_for_the_Future-Cover_PRINT Global Compact cities and regions in the new sustainable cities publication – ´Cities for the Future´

Cities and regions addressing critical issues - highlighting achievements and innovation and sharing lessons learned The Global Compact Cities Programme recently [...]

Cover Image Guide to the Global Compact for Local Governments

Converting the Global Compact into Good Practice ‘The Global Compact Guide for Local Government’ is the english language version of [...]

Pages from Guía del Pacto Mundial para Gobiernos Locales, Convirtiendo el Pacto Mundial en fuente de Buenas Prácticas-web Guía del Pacto Mundial para Gobiernos Locales

Convirtiendo el Pacto Mundial en fuente de Buenas Prácticas ´La Guía del Pacto Mundial para Gobiernos Locales, Convirtiendo el Pacto [...]

Cover-Circles-front-200x300 Urban Sustainability in Theory and Practice – Circles of Sustainability

‘Circles of Sustainability’ is an approach designed to guide collaborative practice in making cities, locales and organizations more sustainable. Instead [...]

Istanbul0035 Social Sustainability Questionnaire

The Social Sustainability Questionnaire is a tool that can be used to measure the attitudes of residents, citizens and visitors [...]

Green Tenant Toolkit Green Tenant Toolkit

The Green Tenant Toolkit was developed in San Francisco to assist tenants and landlords in reaching their sustainability goals within [...]

Greenstreet Green Street

Assess your sustainability Green Street uses its unique mix of online and face-to-face capabilities to help communities act more sustainably. [...]

Screen shot 2011-11-11 at 12.22.34 PM Exploring Urban Sustainability through Games

Thinking and talking about urban sustainability can be difficult. Understanding what is and what should be “sustainable” involves a host [...]