Research at Global Compact Cities Programme – Sharing Innovation


“The innovation, practice and challenges of participating cities is an invaluable source of applied international urban research and learning”

Collaborative research is facilitated by the International Secretariat of the Global Compact Cities Programme to support, inform and add value to cities’ innovation projects and enhance knowledge and application of good practice and systems. This is achieved through:

1. Encouraging and measuring sustainability practice

The Cities Programme assists cities to assess, design, review and measure projects and their urban environment with consideration for  and within the framework of  four  social domains of sustainability – the ecological, political, economic and cultural. See ‘Our Approach’ for more information.

2. The URBAN Postgraduate Research Incubator

The Cities Programme hosts a small urban research incubator in Melbourne where post graduate researchers  are supported to undertake research relating to cities, urbanisation, current global challenges and sustainability. Participation in the Incubator often progresses from an internship  with the Cities Programme where initial interests may lead to specific post-graduate research projects such as: Honors study; Masters’ minor or major  thesis; or potentially PhD research. Occasionally the Cities Programme supports Research Associate’s stand alone projects.

The support to these research efforts comes in the form of:

  • facilitating collaboration with other entities (organisations/researchers) to enable mutually beneficial applied research, data collection and projects conducted in partnership;
  • resources (use of computers and desk space etc);
  • support to secure funding for field trips and dissemination of research findings.

Participating cities’ urban projects are often the focus of this research and some post graduate students and Research Associates are supervised and mentored by academics from the RMIT Global Cities Research Institute.   Read about current research cohort and their projects…

3. Collaboration and Partnership

The Cities Programme partners with other leading urban focused organisations, sharing resources, networks and expertise, and conducting collaborative research and projects. This is with the aim of enhancing sustainability, resilience, diversity and adaptation within cities and in the face of complex urban challenges. See ‘Partners’.


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