Become an Innovating City

Who are Innovating Cities?

At the Innovation level, the highest level of engagement in the Cities Programme, a city or region is recognized for addressing a complex or seemingly intractable issue or set of issues within the city or region. This is done through a multi-year project. Whilst focused on a resolving a specific issue or transforming a complex situation, these projects are holistic. All dimensions of that community and region — the ecological, economic, political and cultural domains — have been considered in the development of projects.

These projects have a transformative quality. They are managed cross-sectorally, engaging government, business and civil society in the development and implementation of the project. The project has clear monitoring and evaluation processes. At this level, dedicated support and recognition is provided by the Cities Programme Secretariat. The project is documented; and learning from this project is shared across the Cities Programme network and more broadly. A fee is associated with this level of engagement. This fee can be used to provide research support to the specific Innovating City project.

How do we become a UN Global Compact Innovating City or Region?

1. Become a Global Compact Signatory

All Innovating Cites must be first become signatories to the UN Global Compact. This process is initiated by the Mayor or most senior representative of municipal government for the City or urban centre, committing the city to the Ten Principles of the Global Compact.

If you are not yet a Signatory City please follow this link 

Do you already have a significant cross-sectorally managed project in operation?

You are welcome to discuss a potential or existing project with us via email, telephone or skype.

2. Register your interest in becoming an Innovating City

Complete this brief online form to register your interest in becoming an Innovating City.

This does not commit you but gives us the opportunity to support you in the development of your Innovating Project.

3. Design a cross sectoral project

Bring together local actors; representatives of government – industry – civil society

Develop a cross sectoral project that addresses a complex urban issue/s specific to your city and will contribute to the sustainability of your community/city/region.

Download the Cities Programme Innovating Project Design Overview (PDF 192 KB 2 pages)

Form a Local Secretariat
Form a group  comprising representatives from government, industry and civil society to guide and deliver the Innovating project. It is advised that all members have a genuine stake in the project and its outcomes and undertaken an active role in the project’s implementation. This group also becomes a Cities Programme Local Secretariat.

Nominate an In Country Convenor
You will be required to appoint an In Country Convenor, this is the nominated person to liaise with Cities Programme.

View the Cities Programme Innovating – Local Secretariat [Template] (PDF 200 KB 2 pages)

Note: The details of your Local Secretariat membership can be submitted online as part of your Innovating Project submission.

Keep in touch

Please feel free to seek advice/communicate regularly with our office during this process – or +61399253407

4. Submit your Innovating Project online

Submit your Innovating project using the following online form.