Report on achievements to build the sustainability of your city

A Reporting City endeavours to make a difference by enacting and promoting the principles of the Global Compact principles in practice.

  • In doing so the city signs onto a reporting process that monitors progress in the city in relation to these ten principles and communicates annually on progress (COP).
  • Membership as a Reporting City is offered by written invitation from the International Secretariat.¬†There is no financial cost associated with this level of membership.

Term of membership

  • Membership as a Reporting City is for three years with an annual report submitted which addresses the ten principles.
  • At the end of the three years a Reporting city can consider re-engagement in The Cities Programme either as a continuing Reporting City or at the higher level of an Innovating City, providing an opportunity for the initial engagement to be translated into an on-the-ground project.
  • Download the Terms of Reference UNGCCP Reporting City

Express your interest

  • Register your interest in becoming a Reporting City, providing your contact details and a brief overview of your achievements in sustainability (this can include weblinks).
  • We will respond to you by email and follow up with a formal invitation to become a Reporting City.


  • As a Reporting City, your achievements in sustainability will be published on an additional page for your city on the Cities Programme website. Highlights could be published as news.