All cities commence their participation in the Cities Programme with a commitment to uphold the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, becoming a signatory participant. This is based on the highest level city leader submitting a letter to the UN Secretary-General. A city can either progress to being recognised as a Leader City and/or Innovating City with time or commence the deeper engagement at the time of initial commitment. Follow the links below.

“With such a global reach, the UN Global Compact relies heavily on local action and efforts to promote the Ten Principles and facilitate their implementation on the ground.

Cities – in particular – have the potential to make enormous strides in creating truly sustainable societies – where economic, social, political and environmental issues are integrated and advanced.

The Global Compact Cities Programme seeks to do just that—and assists cities to coordinate the resources, expertise and experience within government, business and civil society to address complex urban challenges”.

Georg Kell,
Executive Director, UN Global Compact