Social Housing Event Sustainable Affordable Housing: Building Climate and Disaster Resilient Housing

The provision of housing and shelter, especially for those on low-incomes, needs to address the growing concerns about the impacts [...]

From left; Professor Tony Dalton - Acting Deputy Director of the RMIT Global Cities Research Institute, Professor Ralph Horne - Incoming Director of the Cities Programme, Elizabeth Ryan - Cities Programme Deputy Director, Diego Velasco von-Pilgrimm - Consul General of Chile in Melbourne & Sandra Moye - Cities Programme researcher who translated the guide from Spanish to English Australian Launch of the Guide to the Global Compact for Local Governments

The Cities Programme hosted a celebratory and informative event to mark the Australian launch the English language version of the [...]

Supported by the Australian Government through the Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR), an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Cities Programme & TECHO – Sustainable Affordable Housing: International Research and Workshops

Sustainable Affordable Housing: International Research and Workshops: Chile and Australia For communities living in extreme poverty, a new housing project [...]

City Gardens WUF 7: Cities Programme Hosted event – Fair Food Systems and Networks in Australia

Cities Programme and the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance presents: ¨Fair Food Systems and Networks in Australia¨  …with international friends Wednesday 9 [...]

Medellin-PehMed2020-TheCityFix WUF 7: Ciudades Innovadoras – Conocimientos de América Latina y España

¨Innovating Cities – Collaboration, Participation and the Importance of the Social - Learning from Bogotá, Medellín, Barcelona, and Porto Alegre¨. Thursday [...]

un-techo-para-mi-pais WUF 7: Techo – ‘Vivienda Social Definitiva’ (Permanent Social Housing)

Partner Side Event: Techo – ‘Vivienda Social Definitiva’ (Permanent Social Housing) Wednesday 9 April, 5.15 pm Location: Library Room Event Description [...]

Map_World_Vison WVA_2011 WUF 7: World Vision International – An Evidence-based Framework Contributing to Just Cities for Children

Partner Networking Event:World Vision International – An Evidence-based Framework Contributing to Just Cities for Children Wednesday 9 April, 11 am [...]

WUF 7 World Urban Forum 7

The 7th session of the World Urban Forum – 5th to the 11th of April 2014, Medellin, Colombia. The 7th [...]

New Delhi - 2012 07 27 259 Metropolis Initiative: Integrated Strategic Planning & Public Private Partnerships

Event Title: Metropolis Initiative: Integrated Strategic Planning and Public Private Partnerships Date: 26-27 July 2012 Location: New Delhi, India Event host: [...]

City Maintenance Conference, Singapore City Maintenance Conference, Singapore

City maintenance is usually taken for granted as a background feature of cities, done in the quiet of night as [...]

Ambassador Nèstor Osorio Global Compact Leaders Summit 2013 – Special Event

“Partnerships for Sustainability: Cities, States, Corporations” New York, September 19, 2013 The Global Compact Cities Programme and the Regional Center [...]

Metropolis initiatives 2013 Metropolis – Cities Programme India Workshop 2013

Metropolis-Cities Programme Initiative: Planning Partnerships for Sustainability II Date: 25 – 26 July 2013 Location: New Delhi, India Event host: National Institute of [...]

PatP_13_Logo People and the Planet Conference

Transforming the Future The Global Cities Institute, RMIT University and the the Global Compact Cities Programme hosted the  inaugual International Conference, [...]

rio+20 Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum

Innovation and Collaboration for the Future We Want The Global Compact hosted the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum: Innovation and Collaboration for [...]

brazil “What do we know of modern day Brazil? New insights, old myths and the importance of partnership”

Like Australia, Brazil is associated with stereotyped images around beaches, bronzed bodies, laid back lifestyles and love of sport. With [...]