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Yachay - The Cities Programme


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The city of Yachay, also known as the City of Knowledge is planned for development in San Miguel de Urcuquí, which is in the north-western province of Imbabura in northern Ecuador. The region is recognized nationally and internationally for its great diversity and concentration of natural resources.

The plan for Yachay is for it to become a leading innovative city and knowledge hub in Latin America. By encouraging scientific, academic, economic and technological research and innovation, the city is aiming to become an internationally recognized city of innovation.

Yachay Knowledge City is built on growth smart criteria which aims to limit adverse impacts on the environment. The urban layout of  Yachay seeks to combine urban and natural systems. The design of the city is said to limit energy costs, water consumption focusing on areas such as urban sustainable architecture and design, protection of green areas and efficient mobility.The operation process of the city is guided by the spatial layout, the urban design, the governability, the marketing strategy and the interaction with the National Innovation System, guide the operational process of the city.

The city will be made up of 4 main districts:

  1. District of Agriculture and Biotechnology: dedicated to developing agricultural innovation and production.
  2. Industrial District: for industrial technology and investigation.
  3. District of Knowledge: dedicated to education and research.
  4. District of Entertainment: for the development of culture and the tourism industry.


The City of Yachay (English)

The President of Ecuador, Presidente Correa Speaking about Yachay (Espanol)

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