Cities Programme Partners

The Cities Programme has a number of key partnerships. Some of these organisations are also Global Compact participants, all organisations have values that align with those of the Cities Programme, and the Global Compact more broadly. They add immense value to the Programme in terms of sharing resources, expertise, networks and capability.

Collaborating Partners

CM City Mart

Citymart and Global Compact Cities Programme has formed a collaboration to establish on-the-ground, applied urban-focused research that has positive practical impacts for cities and corporations around the world. connects cities and solution providers to improve lives of citizens around the world. The company’s marketplace currently connects 50 cities and their 200 million citizens with over 1,000 innovative solution providers encompassing businesses, social enterprises and universities. Objectives of the partnership includes implementing joint projects to further the goals of Citymart and Cities Programme, mutually sharing research methodologies, case studies, best practices, and experiences from current and past urban research projects…(more)

Foundation Partners

RMIT logo RMIT University

RMIT is a global university of technology and design, Australia’s largest tertiary institution and the Cities Programme’s lead partner and supporter.

The International Secretariat of the Cities Programme is hosted by RMIT’s Global Cities Research Institute, located in its Melbourne city campus. The University’s research focus on solving the critical global problems affecting communities and the environment positions it to support the Cities Programme’s innovating cities with a breadth of expertise and research capability…(more)

Print City of Melbourne

The City of Melbourne is a founding partner and long standing supporter of the Cities Programme. It is also one of the original cities to become a participant of the Global Compact. As a founding member of the Cities Programme, the City of Melbourne was a lead partner in the original ‘Utility Debt Spiral Project’ , on which the Cities Programme’s cross-sectoral model is based. Melbourne was also a long time financial supporter of the Cities Programme and member of the Programme’s local Advisory Committee. It is also an Innovating City participant, having undertaken three innovating projects through the Cities Programme….(more)

Innovating Partners


The Global Compact Cities Programme is a leading partner in the World Urban Campaign . We also collaborate with UN Habitat in a number of other areas.The World Urban Campaign is an advocacy instrument, coordinated by lead partner UN-Habitat, within which partners decide of a common accord on priorities to ensure maximum benefits of synchronizing resources and expertise to advance the objective within the campaign framework.

As a member of the World Urban Campaign Steering Committee, the Cities Programme will be an active player in relevant sub-committees and working groups for setting up policies, priorities and action areas…(more)

edited LOGO FPAA Pan American Federation of Architects Associations

The Pan American Federation of Architects Associations (FPAA) is a nonprofit organization which aims to unite Architectural organizations from all parts of North, South and Central America including the Caribbean across all racial, religious or political boundaries. FPAA consists of representatives from 32 countries within the Americas and the Caribbean, and includes more than 600,000 architects that are influential in their relative fields. The executive committee is made up of elected representatives from governments, universities, NGOs and businesses from the region who are active in the field of architecture. These representatives are committed to the development of their cities together with the leadership of their governments.

metropolis-initiatives Metropolis

Created in 1985, the Metropolis Association is represented by more than a hundred member cities from across the world and operates as an international forum for exploring issues and concerns common to all big cities. The main goal of the association is to better control the development process of metropolitan areas in order to enhance the wellbeing of their citizens. To do this, Metropolis represents regions and metropolitan areas at the world-wide level. The Cities Programme and RMIT Global Cities Institute was represented on Metropolis’ Commission 2, Managing Urban Growth which reported in 2011. Since 2012 it acts as the main partner of the Metropolis Initiative : Integrated Strategic Planning and Public Private Partnerships…(more)

WV logo World Vision International

The Cities Programme and World Vision International, through their Global Center of Expertise for Urban Programming, have a strong partnership collaborating in applied urban-focused research that has positive practical impacts for disadvantaged urban communities around the world. World Vision established the Centre of Expertise for Urban Programming (the ‘Urban CoE’) to explore and promote promising urban development practices, informed by local knowledge and field practices. The partnership facilitates collaborative practical, applied research on urban issues. This includes developing project frameworks based on the ‘Circles of Sustainability’ methodology, city-focused program review and evaluation frameworks….(more)


TECHOis a Latin American youth led non-profit organization working towards poverty eradication in slums and development of sustainable communities through promoting community development, creating social awareness, and political advocacy. Established in Chile in 1997, TECHO currently operates in 19 Latin American countries, involving over 500,000 young volunteers. Its recent achievements include building 80,000 transitional houses across Latin America, engaging 8,000 families in social inclusion programs, and creating 148 active community organizing committee.

The Cities Programme and TECHO have entered a partnership in August 2012…(more)

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